Leica microscope s9

Conventional stereo microscopes have two identical beam paths that reveal a spatial impression of the sample. FusionOptics technology takes advantage of a neurological phenomenon: the microscope's left beam path shows an image with great depth of field, while the right beam path shows an image with high resolution.

The human brain then effortlessly combines the information from both channels into one image. This results in an image perception with high resolution and a great depth of field at the same time - an unparalleled Leica standard in stereo microscopy. A microscope with apochromatic corrected optics delivers an image quality that cannot be achieved with conventional optics, mostly referred to as achromats.

With S9 microscopes from Leica operators will benefit from flawless images. The fully apochromatically corrected microscope systems deliver images without color fringes over the entire zoom range.

Yes, all S9 microscopes offer click-stop positions at 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x, and 50x magnification. Operators can work fast in recurring tasks using the click-stop settings. You can do both. With the S9 i and S9 D you can observe your sample through the eyepieces in 3D with the FusionOptics effect, and simultaneously capture an image, or work with the live image on-screen to relax your eyes.

The built-in split of the beam path allows observation through the eyepieces and digital imaging at the same time.

With its integrated camera the S9 i allows you to instantly share the live microscope image via HD-monitor, PC, and even mobile devices. This allows you to get a second opinion, discuss images with colleagues, and train new operators easily. Yes you can, the camera can be switched to monochrome mode using Leica software or through the on-screen menu in standalone mode.

S9 How can I connect to the S9 i? Connect via Ethernet. For workplaces without network access choose the USB-mode to connect the camera and the software directly with your PC or Mac.

What type of sensor is used in the Leica S9 i? What is FusionOptics and how does it work? What is meant with apochromatic optics? Does the S9 series have integrated click-stops?

Leica A60 S Microscope Overview from I miller precision

Can I also work with an on-screen live image or only through the eyepieces? What are the benefits of the S9 i? What type of monitor should I use for standalone operation without a PC? Can I create a monochrome image from the Leica S9 i? Which Leica software and operating system supports the Leica S9 i? Software LAS X 3.Read more. We develop high-tech precision microscopy products for the analysis of microstructures with the user, for the user.

Find the solution that fits. Learn how our microscopes and scientific instruments will help you attain your goals. Widely recognized for optical precision and innovative technology, Leica Microsystems is one of the market leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning and super-resolution microscopy with related imaging systems, electron microscopy sample preparation, and surgical microscopy. Get your free LAS X home office license so that you still can work on the experiments that you left at your workplace.

Danaher has written an incomparable success story over the past 35 years. The key element for achieving success at Danaher is the consistent Nicol Ecke, Head of the Industry Application Team, explains in an interview what you can expect from the new Analyzer workflow solutions, in Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, there are a lot of questions regarding decontamination methods of microscopes for safe usage. This list presents current publications in the major application fields for laser microdissection and is updated monthly.

Autofluorescence can significantly reduce what you can see in a confocal experiment. This article explores causes of autofluorescence as well as….

Damaged nerve regeneration was investigated using mouse spinal cord sections treated with compounds that counter axon growth inhibitor AGI proteins. Kei Shinoda invited four surgeons, all experts in optical performance and microscope systems, to talk about the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope…. She had…. Building on a decade of leadership in fluorescence imaging technology, GLOW AR fluorescence is the first of many modalities based on the….

Managing unruptured intracranial aneurysms is complex and usually involves one or a combination of three options — conservative, endovascular, or…. Multiphoton Microscopy is an advanced technique for imaging thick samples. Applications range from the visualization of the complex architecture of…. Improve your live-cell imaging capabilities.

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Confocal Re-Imagined. Sample courtesy POWER to see more. Be among the first to find out how. Join one of our next events and find out more about how our solutions can meet your application needs. For Customers, Partners and Associates. Product Area. Confocal Microscopes. Surgical Microscopes. Digital Microscopes. Microscope Cameras.These improvements give it even more clarity and distortion correction than the already industry-leading A60 series microscopes.

The S9D comes with a trinocular port to which you can add your own camera for capturing video or images. Please contact us directly through e-mail or by phone prior to ordering to obtain custom shipping quotes.

Website quotes are optimized for Domestic US Shipping. Due to international credit card fraud issues, orders may need to be placed via PayPal invoices or paid via international bank wire transfer.

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Write review. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. The new standard is here! Just received our S9d Leica microscope. It's everything and better as advertised. Can't say enough about the great customer care from the Precision Artistry folks.

We spent many hours researching microscopes for Engravers and stone-setters. This is the final decision. Could not be more impressed and happier with the result. All Rights Reserved. All prices are in USD. Compare Now. Please wait Sign in or Create an account. Currency Displayed in. Wish Lists. View Cart 0. Toggle Top Menu.

Main Navigation. Home Our Products. Related Products. Choose Options. Leica S9 Microscope Case by Engraver. Add To Cart. Leica S9D Trinocular Microscope. See 2 more pictures.Available in different versions for diverse needs the S9 stereo microscopes boost efficiency and optimize optical inspections in your production line or Quality Control division, due to:. Move the slider and see for yourself how FusionOptics combines larger depth of field with maximum resolution to deliver an amazingly sharp yet highly detailed imagethat is impossible to see with other standard stereo microscopes.

With 3x larger depth of field, microscope operators can save time refocusing as they now see every important detail at a glance. Note: Image simulation, showing a printed circuit board sample without and with the FusionOptics effect, perceived when looking through the oculars.

Operators can effortlessly switch from overview to detail with the uniquely high zoom, speeding up inspection and manipulation.

Apo corrected zoom optics with 55x magnification reveal new details in your sample. Throughput will increase naturally. Sample inspection and manipulation under the microscope can be conveniently performed with the mm working distance of all S9 stereo microscopes.

Enjoy working with more space for your tools under the microscope lense — sometimes every mm counts. This gives you the opportunity to quickly react to queries, get a second opinion, and discuss problems e. The S9 D gives you the flexibility to add a camera to the microscope and turn it into a digital microscope solution.

The built in split of the beam path allows oberservation through the eyepieces and digital imaging at the same time. The integrated documentation port allows connection to a range of Leica microscope cameras. For analog microscope inspections the S9 E is an indispensable asset. It provides a cost effective solution with fast return on investment. The Greenough stereo microscope, S APO with apochromatic zoom and high magnification up to 80x is ideal for quality control, cell sortingand microinjection applications.

leica microscope s9

With 75 mm working distance it provides easy access to the sample. An ergonomic viewing angle of 38 degrees allows comfortable posturewhich helps to increase productivity and reduce fatigue related inspection errors. Adjustable zoom stops allow fast, easy, repeatable measurements and inspections. You can quickly scan through samples using a large screen view and check on details through the eyepieces of the microscope. From specimen dissection and preparation to sorting and screening of model organisms, S9 stereo microscopes boost your workflow efficiency in life sciences.

Find details faster with 3x more depth of field Move the slider and see for yourself how FusionOptics combines larger depth of field with maximum resolution to deliver an amazingly sharp yet highly detailed imagethat is impossible to see with other standard stereo microscopes. Stereo Microscope without FusionOptics. S9 Series Microscopes with FusionOptics. Easy sample manipulation with maximum working distance Sample inspection and manipulation under the microscope can be conveniently performed with the mm working distance of all S9 stereo microscopes.

S9 D with documentation port Ready for digital imaging when you are The S9 D gives you the flexibility to add a camera to the microscope and turn it into a digital microscope solution. S APO unique Greenough Stereo Microscope with high magnification power The Greenough stereo microscope, S APO with apochromatic zoom and high magnification up to 80x is ideal for quality control, cell sortingand microinjection applications.

The integrated documentation port allows connection of a digital camera.Displaying results 1 to 12 of S9 Series - Optimize your workflow! Leica has developed the S9 stereo micros. With an Extended Warranty package, you can focus on your work with full confidence that your instrument will support you for years to com. Users spend many hours looking through the eyepieces inspecting, observing, documenting, or dissecting samples.

Careful assessment of the relevant applications for which the stereo microscope is needed is key to lo. This animation depicts the CRISPR-Cas9 method for genome editing — a powerful new technology with many applications in biomedical research, including the potential to treat human genetic disease.

Feng Zhang, a leader in the development of this technology, is a faculty member at MIT, an investigator. It consists of two main components. It serves as a marker for the foreign nucleic acid. The seco. Porcelain stoneware is a product for which the synergy between the manufacturing technology and physical-mechanical properties has been particularly well developed with excellent results.

Despite its excellent technical characteristics, the slip resistance can be significantly different depending on. Accumulation of filamentous actin F-actin at the immunological synapse IS is a prerequisite for the cytotoxic function of natural killer NK cells.

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leica microscope s9

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leica microscope s9

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leica microscope s9

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