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The long-running Need for Speed franchise is stuck in a rut. The reboot, simply titled Need for Speedwas criticized for its cringeworthy live-action cutscenes. Its successor two years ago, Need for Speed Paybackhad an irritating upgrade system built around collectible Speed Cards.

The last game to broach the 80 mark on MetacriticNeed for Speed Most Wantedwas developed by Criterion and released in The pressure is therefore rising around Ghost Games, the series' current steward, and its next entry, Need for Speed Heat.

Unsurprisingly, the new game is vastly different to Payback. You no longer need Speed Cards, for instance, to upgrade your ride. You get money, you buy the part you want. And the part improves the performance of your vehicle in the ways you would expect for that part.

And if you're worried about loot boxes, don't be. Cars are no longer separated by class, either.

How to Lose Cops Easily in Need for Speed Heat

In Heatany vehicle can be tuned for drifting or speed. Alternatively, you can build a "heroic" car that sits in the middle of this customization spectrum. Your ride won't be specialized enough to dominate online, but it'll get you to the end of the story mode, Riley promised.

To build up your cars and progress through the story, you'll need to compete at different times of the day. Unlike previous entries, Heat splits its campaign neatly in two. When the sun is up, you'll be competing for cash in a series of race, drift and off-road events called the Speedhunter Showdown. Curiously, Ghost Games has dropped the straight-line drag races that were prevalent in Payback.

They weren't the most compelling event type -- to win, you merely watched a bar at the top of the screen and pressed the right button when the cursor hovered over a green section. Riley wouldn't say why the mode had been dropped, but hinted that it could return in the future. At night, you'll be accruing a currency called reputation that unlocks new events, cars and parts. In general, you can choose how long you want to spend in each setting.

The fastest way to progress through the game, though, is to regularly alternate between race times. The day-night cycle also influences the police presence in the city. Need for Speed Payback restricted cop chases to specific Runner events and cinematic set pieces.

Need for Speed Heat: 6 tips to rule the streets of Palm City

Heatmeanwhile, makes the law an ongoing threat to your racing crown. During the day, officers will generally leave you alone unless you ram into the side of their car or break the law in a way they can't ignore. That makes it easier to complete side challenges and track down collectibles in the open world.

At night, the cops are noticeably more aggressive. You also have a heat ranking that slowly rises as you complete after-dark events and earn reputation. The police will increase their efforts in accordance with your heat ranking, eventually deploying helicopters and heavily armored trucks. If you get caught, your nightly earnings will vanish too. It's your decision, therefore, when to cash out and bank your rep at a safe house.

The concept sounds a little like the high-risk Dark Zone from The Division.

‘Need for Speed Heat’ isn’t anything like ‘Payback’

In Paybackplayers were encouraged to ram into cop cars. Runner-class vehicles were built like tanks, essentially, and would keep you safe unless the police managed to group up and box you in somewhere. Need for Speed Heatmeanwhile, switches the emphasis from battling to escaping.

Your car has durability -- a health bar, essentially -- that will whittle away as you jostle with police cars. You can fight back but frequent collisions will accelerate this depletion and ultimately force you to end the night early.At night though, things are much different, with you having to deal with light traffic, and the occasional police chase interrupting any street races you might be participating in. When you race during the day, you earn Bank, which is what you use to purchase upgrades and new cars, whereas when you race at night, you gain Rep, which is what unlocks more new cars, upgrade parts, and events.

Need for Speed: Heat vs Payback - Direct Comparison

It goes without saying, but you should really be prioritizing night racing. These points, though, need to be unlocked first, which you can do by simply driving to them. Why exactly are these important? Well, because driving through safe houses completely restores your car to pristine condition, and damage is always a looming threat, especially at night, when you might get into dangerous hot pursuits.

Do remember though that you can only repair your car a limited number of times every night. Rather than spending large amounts of money on better cars, just spend that money on a car you have and like to make it better, rather than having to purchase multiple upgrades for multiple new cars again and again.

Long story short- rather than investing in new cars, invest in lots and lots of parts and components. And while how much mileage you get out of most of these will depend on how much of a completionist you are, a few of these yield tangible and useful rewards. Activities such as crashing through billboards and finding and destroying flamingos give you small amounts of both Bank and Rep, so do both these things whenever you spot them in the world.

They serve as a nice little bonus for your progress on the side. Another way to get bank and rep is to complete racer challenges. You can pick these up at garages and safe houses, with one set corresponding to day activities and another to nighttime, and the activities included in both of them give you nice bonuses.

Completing the entire set nets you with a larger reward, and most of these are usually activities you can accomplish pretty easily during the course of regular gameplay. View More. Tweet Share. Hottest Features. Add your comments Read more for our comments policy. More From GamingBolt. Mafia: Definitive Edition Vs. Keep On Reading. All Rights Reserved.Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages.

In response to gamer feedback, Need For Speed Heat will now let you plug in a wheel. Hooray, right? Read our review! The update will roll out at the end of the month, and right now the list of wheels that have been confirmed to work with Heat is fairly small. Others may also work, however EA and Ghost Games have yet to test them. The emote wheel from NFS Payback gets grafted in to make it easier to communicate with other human players in online mode without having to use voice chat, and driving through a fuel station will also reset any cosmetic damage to your paint and graphics, rather than just repairing the mechanicals and removing any dents.

We review the Logitech G Those driving manually with a gamepad will also find that they can now change gear when in proximity to an event or garage rather than entering said event or garage, which should make for a slightly less frustrating experience.

Completionists will probably appreciate it, but regular gamers will likely just be content to find those locations through exploration. Watch this space. By Alex Affat 17 Oct Need For Speed Heat: We have a winner! By Tony O'Kane 04 Dec Fancy a copy of Need For Speed Heat but don't want to pay for it? Here's how you get your mitts on one!

By Alex Affat 04 Jul By Alex Affat 05 Mar The first all-new downloadable car is available for NFS Heat Powered by. My Garage 0 Compare Cars. Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages Ok. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Mail. Read more. Features WhichCar. Need For Speed Heat review. Best driving games for Xbox One. Playstation 2 turns 20 — here are the best PS2 driving games. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is back in Project Cars 2 Review - hard as hell, worth the sweat.If you're burning rubber and racing out on the streets of Palm City, then having a handy set of Need For Speed Heat tips in your glove box can help you take first place in races and keep your nose clean with the police.

There's been plenty of changes made in Need For Speed Heatand there's more than a hint of Burnout Paradise to proceedings, so be prepared to explore the city with crazy jumps and smash up plenty of billboards in addition to the usual racing — be it sanctioned circuits by Day or illegal street races at Night.

You're going to need to earn your reputation by proving your driving credentials and staying one step ahead of the cops, so follow these Need For Speed Heat tips and show us what you've got.

If you're used to tapping the brakes to throw your car into a slide, you may need to spend some time practicing how to drift in Need For Speed Heat, as the method is slightly different. Steer into a turn followed by a tap then hold of the accelerator and you'll start drifting, which is a great way to corner while still maintaining speed. It looks cool, though remember that if you can steer through the corner at full tilt without drifting then that will maintain more speed. For tighter turns, especially in some of the drifting races and challenges, a tap of the handbrake will be necessary to get enough slide to turn through narrow spaces.

A lot of racing games will punish you for clipping or full-blown crashing into obstacles, but helpfully in Palm City the lamp posts, telegraph poles, and palm trees all snap like twigs if you hit them. This will cause no damage to your vehicle and only marginally reduce your speed, so as long as you're passing through the checkpoints don't stress about cutting corners during races.

Only more solid objects such as sign gantries and bridge supports will stop you in your tracks, and they will reduce your car's health so be wary of them. The world of Palm City is pretty large, and although there are some fast travel points available early in the game such as your garage and the dealership, there are plenty of other safe houses marked on the map that are tagged with a padlock until you visit them.

Take some time to drive around the city to unlock these safe houses, as you'll save a lot more time in the long run by being able to fast travel across Palm City to reach other races and stories.

As you explore the city you'll automatically add markers to your map for billboards, street art, and flamingos as you pass near them, but these shouldn't only be of interest to completionists. Street art just gives you new decals for your cars when you collect them, but every billboard and flamingo you smash rewards you with Bank and Rep, meaning it's definitely worth your time hitting any you discover even if you don't plan to complete the sets.

Under Progression in the pause menu you can track your Collections to see how you're getting on, as well as seeing clues for where billboards and street art is located. As well Daily Challenges to work on for Bank and Rep rewards, you can also have an active set of Racer Challenges to complete.

Unusually, you have to choose between Day or Night Racer Challenges as you can only have one set active at a time, and you can only select or switch them at your garage. Converse to regular progress, Day Racer Challenges earn you Rep while Night Racer Challenges provide Bank, with an extra bonus amount for beating all three challenges. Remember to switch them before you change the time of day to keep the rewards flowing, and at any point you can press left on the d-pad to bring up your current challenges, including Racer Challenges and Daily Challenges.

Each time you complete an activity to at least one star rating, such as Speed Traps, Long Jumps, and Drift Zones, you'll receive a bonus of Bank or Rep depending on the time of day you're in.

You can use this at Night to earn extra Rep quickly by hitting Speed Traps and Long Jumps as you pass them, so make sure you take full advantage. There's a particularly useful location for this inside the race track just south of your garage, where you can continually loop back and forth between the Speed Trap and Long Jump to accrue Rep without being hassled by cops. Once you've racked up the Rep, you can just hop to your garage to bank it or track down some police to increase your Heat further and boost the multiplier for an even greater reward.

While taking part in events at Night, take a moment to check your map first for a rough idea of where the nearby garages and safe houses are, as once you're in the heat of a cop chase you don't really have time to start browsing the map. Look out for the markers in the sky above safe houses to help you navigate towards them, though remember that due to road layouts you might not be able to drive directly to them.

Earning Heat by confronting the police while driving at Night increases your multiplier for all Rep earned during that Night, as long as you bank it by reaching a safe house. The higher your Heat, the tougher the police response will be, so you need to weigh up how long you stay out for against getting busted and losing all your multiplier as well as some Bank.

You can visit gas stations to repair your vehicle if you're getting bashed up by the cops, but you can only do this three times per Night session before they get shut down.

Need For Speed Heat tips: 10 things to know before hitting the streets of Palm City

Lose the cops then reach a safe house to collect your Rep — you don't have to unlock the safe house before you can use it to end a Night run. When the heat is on, you'll need to put distance between yourself and the cops to break their line of sight and start your escape. The police are fast and aggressive, so you'll struggle to evade them on a straight run, and instead you should make lots of turns and double-backs to try and throw them off you. Once you reach the 'Escaping' phase, keep an eye on your minimap for cops and their cones of vision, then either get away from the area or hide out of sight until the chase ends.

A great way of losing police that are on your tail is to hit one of the many jump ramps around the city, as these will usually shortcut you to another section of road and the cops won't take the leap, immediately putting distance between you and your pursuers.

As you level up your reputation, you'll unlock access to new parts that can be applied in your garage to improve your car.To keep your hard-earned Rep and Bank away from the authorities, prepare for the heat with some words of advice.

nfs heat tips reddit

You know how getaway drivers in the movies always seem to know the roads like the back of their hands? Early in the game, Lucas Rivera — former driver-turned-mechanic with a soft spot for newcomers — encourages you to break out from the habit of always going from point A to B in pursuit for the next race. Build up some speed, hit the ramp, and jump!

Enjoy the adrenaline rush as the flashing lights are left behind. More complex and dense locations, like the container loading area in Port Murphy or other narrow passages such as alleyways, are great areas to lose the cops.

Zigzag your way to freedom! When ill-intentioned law enforcers have dealt out a barrage of heavy blows to your ride, the neon-lights of a nearby gas station is a sight for sore eyes. A quick drive-through will repair your car, giving you a better chance to shake off the unwanted attention.

nfs heat tips reddit

But as you keep tearing up the streets at night, the level will rise, bringing more units with better cars, spike strips, and Rhino trucks determined to take you down. Did we mention the helicopters? Going into a tunnel will do the trick, but there are also buildings around the city providing the needed cover to lay low for a bit.

nfs heat tips reddit

Also, the chopper will eventually need to refuel. Seize these opportunities to shake them off. Should you call it a night and head back to the garage at the lower levels? Or, do you have the skill and ride to push it further and risk it all? Those questions bring us to the next point. With a ride pushing above MPH on the highways, you can simply outrun your pursuers with pure speed. If you want to learn more on how to improve your ride, read our tips and tricks on car performance.

There are also specific upgrades to assist in dealing with the cops. Passive auxiliaries include radar disruptors making it harder for the police to find you, re-inflatable tires, nitrous upgrades, and more. Active auxiliaries such as the kill switch jammer, nitrous refills, and repair kits are helpful tools, too.Skip to Content. Put pedal to metal as you race around the streets of not-Miami in Need for Speed Heat. Written by Jake Tucker Published on EA's latest street-racing extravaganza, Need For Speed Heat, is here, and if you're revving your engine at the starting blocks, you might have noticed this is a vastly different beast to Payback, which came before it.

Mastery here is going to involve getting used to the duality of the day and night cycle, meaning you can get access to the best parts and have the cash to jam them into your chosen ride. To ease your start, here are six tips ideal for beginners getting to grips with the game:. Make Bank by day. Earning cash and spending it requires mastery at different times in Need for Speed Heat. To make bank - the word everyone used constantly when discussing money, which will embed itself in your brain - you'll need to win the official 'sanctioned race events' that have you tearing around the city on tracks cleared of traffic.

It's all about the race, here. There's no traffic on the track, the cops aren't trying to interfere, and you can keep your mind on what's important: doing some hecking street-racing.

nfs heat tips reddit

Daytime is also a decent time to explore the city, to find both smashable billboards but also gas stations, which are absolutely crucial as they repair your car in a flash. This is particularly invaluable at nighttime. Earn rep by night. With the tracks filled with traffic and cops, nighttime racing is tough.

For some reason, shops in Need For Speed Heat won't sell you parts unless you convince them you're a really cool person. That seems like a pretty bad idea for a specialist parts shop in this economy, but who are we to judge?

Playing by their rules means you need to earn a rep for yourself, and that's only possible by ruling the streets at night. At first, this will involve illegal street races, with cops sniffing around and traffic clogging up the racing line. Heat up.

TFW you're going to do a crime for extra Rep. If you're looking to level up fast, you'll need to generate heat. The way that Rep works, it isn't so much a currency as it is experience points to unlock better items for your car. The rep you pull in each night can be multiplied by how much heat you've accumulated with that evening's activities. There are a few different ways to earn heat, but largely you're going to have to stir up some trouble.

Evading capture in long pursuits, racing multiple times in a single evening and destroying pursuing cop cars will all jack up the heat, increasing your risk, but will also let you bag a significant amount of Rep much more quickly if you can survive the extra pressure from the authorities.

It's important to judge this well because getting caught by the fuzz can be disastrous. Don't get busted.Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages. The Need for Speed franchise is something of a western cultural touchstone within the now-global modified car scene. Lacklustre graphics, an old car list, at-times infuriating gameplay and laughable plot and characters — point to no.

We think it does. Though there are plenty of sales right now, so it might be a good time to buy. Project Cars 2 fits the bill perfectly. However it actually serves a useful purpose, for once you acquire that vehicle in game you can then upload your customisations from your phone at the push of a button. You can also change the outfit of your avatar via a large wardrobe of streetwear brands. It does nothing to the gameplay, but it does at least make cutscenes unique to each player.

Speaking of which, gone are the cringy live-action cutscenes of Need for Speedreplaced instead by CG animations. Racing in day mode sees the player racing in sanctioned closed road races; and is where the player earns their BANK to buy cars and parts; or to lose at night if they get busted by the police.

The risk element of night mode really delivers a tangible element of consequence, tension and excitement, as not making it back to your garage safely sees you lose most of the REP accumulated for that evening, as well as a fairly significant decrease in BANK.

But Police chases are once again incentivised in a way that evokes the magic of another fan-favourite, NFS: Most Wanted of You'll quickly cotton on that running the risk of big, potentially car-destroying police chases is worth it purely because it fast-tracks your progress massively.

You really have to forget everything you know about realistic braking points and apexes. Meanwhile the middle ground between grip and drift is just varying shades of dynamic disappointment.

NFS Heat gameplay almost railroads you into simply pinning the car towards a corner at full speed, and stabbing the handbrake to spectacularly and laughably slide around the corner. Once you figure that method out, winning races becomes a brainless exercise, and thus routine and disengaging. Similarly, police chases in night mode, which can be unforgiving and difficult at early stages of the game, become remarkably easy and exploitable once you attain a vehicle with a bit of pace and begin to notice the patterns and limits of the police AI.

There are also the downright laughable elements characters and plotline notwithstandingsuch as immersion-breaking elements like instant tyre smoke in the perpetually wet fictional Floridian city. There are some cool lighting effects at night but shadow mapping only seems to apply to the light cast by your headlamps, while daylight brings more dynamic shadows but still just looks flat and bland. Need for Speed Heat trades on the success and fanfare of past titles, and ultimately on our beloved modern tuner culture.

Go ahead, do a static burnout right in front of a patrol car in the daytime. That said, Need for Speed Heat is a welcome step in the right direction after the underwhelming NFS: Payback ofand the properly cringeworthy reboot - Need for Speed. Even between those of us in the office. It also seems like not enough progress has been made. But is there still value in the game for anyone over twelve years old? Maybe the value is not in the game itself, but simply in being able to customise awesome-looking cars and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all with your friends.

By Alex Affat 04 Jul By Alex Affat 17 Oct Need For Speed Heat: We have a winner! By Tony O'Kane 04 Dec Fancy a copy of Need For Speed Heat but don't want to pay for it? Here's how you get your mitts on one! NFS Heat will allow wheels after all! In response to gamer feedback, Need For Speed Heat will now let you plug in a wheel.

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